Best cars for dogs: Audi Q8

For the third entry in our best cars for dogs series, we’re taking a look at the latest and greatest in Audi’s Q-line, the Q8. In our previous posts we covered the Subaru Outback and the Nissan Rogue – check them out on The Travall Life.

If you’re searching for a luxury SUV that’s great for carrying four-legged cargo and looks awesome there are many options. Read on to find out why we think the Q8 is a serious contender for one of the best luxury SUVs.

Launching in 2006, the Q-line has since been well-received by drivers seeking a perfect mix of luxury, style and utility. As Audi’s answer to the Mercedes GLE and BMW X6, the Q8 is a great all-rounder SUV. The all-wheel-drive has a whole bunch of useful features, resulting in a vehicle that is comfortable both on and off road.

Why is the Audi Q8 one of the best cars for dogs?

We get the impression that Audi put dog owners front and centre when they designed the Q8. It’s a vehicle that’s sure to put a smile on any dogowner’s face and have your dog’s tail wagging. Our favorite is the car’s ability to lower the trunk height by approximately 2.5 inches using its air suspension. This is great for smaller or older dogs who might need a little help when it comes to making the jump up.

The Q8 also has a generous 205-liter trunk space, which is a fraction less than you’d find in the Q7. However, we’re more than happy to forgive that in favor of it’s attractive sloping roofline. Besides, if you find yourself struggling for room in the trunk, the Travall Guard is a simple, yet stylish solution. This premium pet barrier and luggage guard allows for luggage to be stacked higher against the rear seats and is available for around half the price of dealership options. 

We should also mention the cabin refinement which, as you’ve come to expect from the German automaker, is outstanding. This is great if you’ve got a nervous dog on board, who will find it easier to relax in a quieter environment, allowing you to focus on the road ahead. 

Accessories to consider

If you’re going to be driving with your dog, it makes sense that you’d want to protect the Q8’s luxurious interior. This is where Travall’s range of stylish accessories, designed specifically for the Q8, comes in. 

Travall Guard for Audi Q8

The Travall Guard prevents any dog-induced damage to the rest of the vehicle as it stops your pet from escaping over the back seats. Unlike universal guards, it guarantees a hassle-free installation, with no rattling or the need for vehicle modifications. It will also look right at home in the Q8’s stunning interior, due to the subtle grey, bite-resistant powder coating and premium steel construction. 

The Travall Mats are another great accessory for the Audi Q8. The anti-slip tire tread design complements the premium interior of the vehicle and the durable rubber compound offers exceptional quality. Like all Travall products, the all-weather mats are vehicle-specific, so are uniquely contoured to fit the Q8’s footwells. They also feature a raised outer lip to contain water, mud, snow and whatever else your boots might pick up in the dog park.