3 easy ways to dog proof your car with Travall

Like anyone, there are things that I absolutely love and that give me joy every day.  I won’t bore you with my full list of loves, except for two items that feature pretty high up on that list – my dog and my car. The trouble is, that although I love them both, the two aren’t always that lovely together. I admit that I can be a bit of a neat freak – especially with my car. So for quite a while I’d be looking for ways to keep my car clean and tidy yet have my pup with me too. If you’ve also been looking for fail-safe ways to dog proof your car, you’ve come to the right place!

My dog keeps me grounded. He’s the one who always seems pleased to see me when I get home. He’s the one that brings my blood pressure back to normal levels during stressful times. He’s very often the one who makes me laugh. So naturally I like him to come with me whenever possible. My car gives me joy in a very different way. It’s my Goldilocks car – not too big, not too small, but just right. It has transported me to some wonderful places with memories that I treasure. Fortunately I’ve found some simple additions to the car, that help to keep it as pristine as it can possibly be with a shedding, drooling dog on board. Importantly, they help to give my pawsome friend a comfortable ride too.

The first essential to dog proof your car in my book is unquestionably a Travall Guard.  With this vehicle-specific pet barrier in position there’s no chance of my dog climbing over the seats in the car, leaving hair, mud and wet paw prints on the upholstery.  My dog is securely positioned at the rear of the vehicle – so he is comfortable and so are my other passengers.

The second must-have item is a Travall Liner.  I don’t particularly want to be vacuuming the trunk after every trip with my dog.  Adding the rubber trunk liner has made life simple. I can just wipe down the liner or shake it out so the trunk’s interior stays pristine.  It’s also far more comfortable for my dog – he doesn’t seem to slide around as much on the bends.

To keep the paintwork on my car looking good with an excited dog leaping into the trunk I’ve added a Travall Protector.  This tough, plastic bumper protector has been fantastic at protecting the upper bumper from scratches and scrapes from my dog’s claws and has even covered up some dents made by me dropping a heavy grocery sack on it in my hurry to get the cans of barbecue beans home.

So these are the 3 easy ways I’ve found to create a happy balance between my two loves. If you would like to dog proof your car to make life with a dog more comfortable for him and easier for you, the answer is simple. Just visit the Travall website and discover the range of vehicle-specific products available for the car you drive.