Winter activities: 5 different ideas to keep in shape

Throughout the holiday season, we know that going overboard on the festive snacks is easily done. Combine this with longer nights and lower temperatures and your fitness regime can easily go out of the window. To keep you motivated until the spring and just in time for those new year resolutions, we’ve got a list of the most interesting winter activities, some of which you may have never tried. Read on to find out what they are.


If you’ve never tried fatbiking, we’d highly recommend this sport.  This unique form of cycling offers some of the most fun you can have on two wheels.  A fat bike is similar to a regular mountain bike, but has wide forks and 4-5 inch wide knobbly tires. This allows riders to traverse challenging terrain, such as snow, without getting stuck – think overlanding on a push bike! Another benefit of fatbiking is that it’s a thorough workout, targeting more than just your legs. The added weight and staying upright on uneven terrain really works your core muscles. If you live in a snowy area, adding a Travall Liner to your vehicle’s trunk makes travelling home from the trails with your snow-covered bike a breeze. The waterproof construction and raised outer lip is ideal for catching any stray mud and snow. 

Dog Sledding

When you think of dog sledding, we’ll bet you imagine packs of huskies pulling a sled through the endless snow-covered landscapes of the Arctic circle. However, there are actually a bunch of places offering this awesome snowsport right here in the US. So get out there and enjoy the rush of being pulled along at speeds of up to 15 mph, whilst witnessing some of the most stunning scenery the States has to offer.  

Winter Surfing 

Head to the beach in summer and you’ll probably see swarms of surfers hitting the waves, but this isn’t true all year round, especially in the depths of winter. However, with modern wetsuits you don’t need to wait for the warmer months to shred.  Winter waves have the potential to be much larger thanks to choppier seas, which is awesome for the experienced surfer.

Winter Hiking

Hiking is also a popular summer activity, but hitting the trails through the winter months is just as much fun and typically a lot less crowded. As a result, you’ll enjoy the quiet bliss as you take in the surroundings from a different perspective. An added bonus of winter hiking is that you’ll burn extra calories trying to stay warm. If you want to experience it for yourself, check out our list of the best winter hiking locations


Our final recommendation for winter activities is snowshoeing. With our vast national parks, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to great locations. Modern snowshoes displace your weight over a larger surface area, allowing you to explore harder to reach snow-covered areas. It’s also a surprisingly thorough workout. Walking over heavy snow, especially on inclines, makes for a more strenuous walk.   

That concludes our rundown of awesome winter activities to keep you entertained and in better shape through the winter season. If any of these activities appeal to your inner adventurer, keep your vehicle protected with Travall’s range of premium vehicle-specific accessories. Take your gear storage to the next level with a Travall Guard and Divider, to transport equipment more securely and at a greater capacity. Or protect your interior from mud, snow and spills with the waterproof Travall Liner and Travall Mats