6 free apps you’ll love for your road trip

Apps have become a common part of our lives, whether it’s the banking app allowing you to transfer money to your college student, or the fitness app making sure you’re getting enough exercise, we’re using them more and more on a daily basis.  So you may be pleased to know that when you need to go on your next road trip there are plenty of apps available, to just make things easier for you to enjoy the journey. There are lots of paid apps but we’re focusing on just 6 apps that are free to download.

Gas Buddy

Let’s face it, gas is expensive. So when we found an app that found the best gas prices around and also lets you earn free gas, we were hooked. With the GasBuddy card you also save 5 cents on every gallon of fuel.  We’re sold!


If your road trip takes you between states, then you’re going to want this app.  It tells you what’s available at the upcoming exits. So if you’re searching for the nearest KOA or just want a cup of Joe, you’ll know whether those are available at this exit or the next.


Not sure what to pack for your road trip? PackPoint can help.  Just select the type of trip (business or pleasure), the destination, activities proposed and the duration.  PackPoint will give list recommendations based on the weather forecast at the destination taking all the other criteria into account. 

Park Me

If you’re driving in a city that you aren’t familiar with parking your car can be a challenge.  Park Me shows the current parking rates at parking lots around the city you’re visiting and even allows you to reserve your parking space ahead of time.

Flush Toilet Finder

Consumed a “Big Gulp” on the ride? Got a toddler who’s potty training? Sometimes you need to find the closest John in a big hurry.  Problem solved with this app thanks to the 190,000 public restrooms listed in this database.  


Let’s face it, having up-to-date weather information can be a massive help when you are driving.  Using this app will let you know if you face icy conditions or severe weather along your road trip route.