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5 Travall accessories you’ll love if you lease your car

Published by Anne B (September 10, 2019)

Why is it that in life the good things seem to come to an end far too quickly? Your favourite series on Netflix seems to be many episodes too short, your relaxing vacation could have done with an extra few days, your evening with friends is over in a heartbeat. The same is true when you have really enjoyed driving a car that you lease.  The reality is that, as great as it has been to drive, it will have to be returned at the end of your contract period. You’ll need to return it in good condition.  However, if you have a young family, lead an active lifestyle or you’re a dog owner, you may feel that it could be particularly tough to pass this particular inspection. And, ultimately, this could mean more financial expense for you. If you find yourself in this situation, we introduce you to 6 Travall accessories that you’ll wonder how you managed without.

Protect the footwells

This is easily achieved with the addition of Travall Mats.  These durable yet flexible rubber mats are vehicle-specific so fit perfectly in the footwells of your vehicle.  They are cleverly designed with a raised outer lip, so any spills or mud stay contained on the mat and away from your carpet.  They are easily cleaned by power washing or simply wiping over with a cloth depending on your needs. An essential if you do the daily school run or you have kids who play sports getting in and out of your car on a regular basis.

Protect the lining of the trunk

The Travall Liner is made of the same material as the rubber mats and takes the same principle in design.  Namely, this vehicle-specific product perfectly sits with the contours of your trunk for a precision fit and that ingenious raised outer lip keeps dirt and liquid away from your trunk’s interior lining. If you have a dog that regularly travels in the car with you, any hair or muddy paw prints are held on the liner.

Protect the interior of your vehicle.

Installing a Travall Guard ensures that the passenger cabin of the vehicle is well separated from items you have in the trunk.  It’s perfect as a pet barrier as there’s no chance that your dog will be climbing all over the seats. Or if you’re bringing home goods from the home improvement store, they will stay securely positioned in the trunk even if you need to brake hard on the way freeway. There are no vehicle modifications required as the guard is installed using the existing attachment points in your vehicle. So the guard leaves no trace or having been there when removed from your vehicle at the end of the lease contract.

Protect the exterior of your vehicle

There’s no doubt about it, the paintwork on your rear upper bumper and on your car doorsills takes a hammering from loading and unloading the trunk and from feet stomping in and out of the car. The solution to this dilemma comes in the form of the Travall Protector(available in stainless steel or plastic) and Travall SillGuards.

With Travall vehicle-specific accessories you can love the car you lease for the time you have it, and be confident that you can return it (however reluctantly) in great condition. Check out what’s available for your car!

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