Bringing home a puppy? 10 Puppy Essentials

If you just made the great decision to bring home a puppy, we want to give you a huge congratulations! Now that you’ve finally decided on a name for your new pup, you’ll want to start gathering those essential items to make your life a whole lot easier in the weeks to come. We know you can’t wait to get going and enjoy the many pleasures of dog ownership, so here’s our checklist of the top 10 puppy essentials. 

#1: Microchipping, Identity Tags & Rabies Vaccination 

Although not yet mandatory in the US, it’s a good idea to get your pup microchipped as soon as possible. Microchipping makes it easier to locate a missing dog and return strays to their owners. This procedure can be performed by a qualified veterinarian at any age, but doing so early is advisable. Some states also require you to have your pet vaccinated against rabies. Again this is a routine procedure that must be carried out by a certified veterinarian. Identity tags are also a good idea. As a collar or tag bearing the owner’s name and address make for easy identification. Remember to check local laws regarding identity tags, microchipping and rabies vaccinations, as these vary by state. 

#2: Collar & Leash

The next item on our list of puppy essentials is a good collar and leash. Sure this is an obvious one, but it’s important to walk your puppy regularly. There are thousands of options out there, but when it comes to walking your dog around the block or to the dog park, we’d suggest investing in something that’ll last. To find the perfect collar and leash, check out your local pet store and see what fits best. 

#3: Dog Bed

If you’ve ever been around puppies, you’ll know that they sleep a lot. This can be up to 20 hours per day, so make sure they’ve got somewhere comfortable to nap. You’ll want something appropriately sized, easily cleaned and chew proof.

#4: Travall Guard 

Travelling with your dog can be great fun! So if you plan to frequently hit the road with your pup, a dog guard is an awesome accessory! With a guard in place, your excitable puppy can’t make his way into the cabin and distract you when driving. Unlike universal guards, the Travall Guard is designed specifically for the vehicle you drive, giving the perfect rattle-free fit. Manufactured from premium steel and coated in a scratch-resistant powder coating, it’s sure to keep your car protected for years to come. You may also want to add a Travall Divider if you’ll be travelling with more than one dog. It works seamlessly with the Guard and separates your trunk into two distinct areas.

#5: Food & Treats 

As puppies tend to be extremely active and grow at a faster rate than mature dogs, it’s crucial that they get a healthy and nutritional diet. This will give them the energy they need and promote healthy development. There are many varieties of dog food out there, all of which vary in quality and suitability to your dog. It’s a good idea to do some prior research and try a few varieties until you get the best match. In addition, treats are super useful when it comes to training your dog. Be sure to only give treats when rewarding good behavior as part of your positive reinforcement approach. Stick to softer treats with fewer preservatives to avoid damaging puppy’s teeth and to aid digestion.

#6: Food & Water Bowls 

Next up on our list of puppy essentials is a set of food and water dishes. Like so many other pet accessories, there are many to choose from. We’d suggest keeping it simple here, and going for something that will last and suits your dog’s specific needs.

#7: Crate 

If you’ve been doing your research, you may have heard the term ‘crate training’. Essentially, this process allows your dog to get familiar with their cage, so that they feel both comfortable and safe inside it. Giving them their own space will help them feel less nervous when left alone and will reduce destructive behaviors while you’re unable to supervise them. A good crate is large enough for your dog to stand up in and move around comfortably, and should be able to accommodate any bedding. If you’re keen to get started with crate training, there are a number of quality guides available online and it’s encouraged to start early.

#8: Chew Toys 

In addition to keeping your puppy fed, watered and safe, you’ll want to keep them entertained. Toys should be a key item on your list of puppy essentials. Again, you’re spoilt for choice here, but chew toys are great for keeping their teeth clean, relieving sore gums and developing strong jaws. 

#9: Travall CargoMat 

Riding in the car can be unsettling for some dogs, especially for puppies who are not familiar with the experience. If you plan to transport your pet by car, it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. With a Travall CargoMat, you can clean up any accidents in a snap and you don’t need to worry about muddy paw prints or fur in your trunk. As with all Travall products, this trunk liner is vehicle specific, so you can achieve a perfect fit quickly and easily. It has also been thoughtfully designed to catch any spills, thanks to its raised outer lip ensuring full protection until you get home.  

#10: Waste Collection Bags 

A good stash of bags is certainly essential when it comes to being a responsible dog owner. Although it might seem obvious, it can be easy to overlook the simple things if you’re new to owning a dog, or are just super excited to bring your new pup home! Remember to always take a few bags with you, so you can take care of any doggy doo after your pup does his business. 

So that concludes our top 10 list of puppy essentials, giving you a good starting point for your puppy preparations. We hope these items will make your life easier and keep your puppy safe and comfortable in their first few weeks. If you’d like some more helpful tips and advice for when it comes to taking care of your pooch, be sure to check out our other posts

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