Travall vehicle-specific products: the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas

Every year when Mother’s Day comes around we all try to think of different ways of saying thanks and showing our moms that we care.  I don’t know about you, but this year I’ve been trying to come up with more thoughtful and practical gift ideas.  I’ve hit on a few Mother’s Day gift ideas that would work for most families to give peace of mind every time they take a trip in the car.

We spend a serious amount of time in our cars! In taking the kids to school, sports and the drive thru, Mom’s car can take a hammering.  Why not treat Mom with a thorough clean of her car – both inside and out?  Then add vehicle-specific all-weather mats to give that precision fit that will keep the car cleaner and fresher longer.  Travall Mats Terrain Edition have the bonus of a raised outer lip, so any future spills from a sippy cup stay firmly on the mat and away from the carpet.

Another option for Moms who are constantly hauling strollers or scooters in and out of the trunk is a Travall Protector Terrain Edition.  This tough strip of ABS plastic provides the perfect coverage of the rear upper bumper so those dings and scratches become a thing of the past.  Even better, this bumper protector is easily installed at home in four simple steps and gives the look of a factory installation at a fraction of dealership prices.

Does Mom have a dog?  Then she’d probably love a Travall  Guard.  It’s a vehicle-specific pet barrier that’ll give her pooch a secure area to travel at the rear of the vehicle, minimizing driving distractions for Mom.  

Check out the full range of Travall vehicle-specific products available for the car your mom drives for the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas!