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Dog care options to consider when you’re self isolating

Published by Anne B (May 11, 2020)

Many of us are only too delighted to get out for our one session of exercise a day during this lockdown period.  It’s a great opportunity to walk the dog around the block to give him the physical activity he needs and some mental stimulation too.  If you are unable to do this because you are self isolating, caring for your dog can be slightly more difficult.  This is further compounded if you do not have family members or friends close by to assist or if you don’t have a back yard.  Help is at hand for those who find themselves in this situation as there are professional organizations and voluntary groups rallying to support others.

Some professional pet sitters and dog walking companies are adjusting their business models to help customers in a slightly different way.  So if you’re self isolating but need more food for your dog, need your dog to visit the veterinarian or just to continue with daily walks – they can take care of these needs. 

In many areas around the nation local communities have set up their own volunteer groups.  Check the Facebook groups in your local area for details on how you can reach out to these local groups for support. Not just for dog walking, many of these groups offer a range of services including grocery shopping and prescription collection too.

Veterinarians have been posting advice for clients on their websites.  Many of these websites give resources or contact information for those requiring further assistance with their dogs.

Why not also check out one of our recent posts, which gives ideas on how to keep your dog active indoors too?  Wherever you live in the US, if you feel you are struggling with dog care because you are self isolating we encourage you to reach out for assistance.  There are plenty of folks ready and willing to help! Stay safe, stay well.

Anne B

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self isolating

Dog care options to consider when you’re self isolating

Many of us are only too delighted to get out for our one session...