Student essentials for the first year at college and beyond

Starting the first year at college is exciting but can also be a daunting prospect for new students. The coronavirus pandemic may accentuate that nervousness this year. For many students it is the first time to leave home for an extended period. Having familiar possessions that they have brought from home can make the transition easier. Familiarity helps to make  students feel more comfortable and at home in their new location.  With many classes taking place almost entirely online this year, having those home comforts in the dorm room may be even more important than usual.

When you start at college there is a lot of stuff that you need to take with you.  Clothing, kitchen supplies, stationery, sports gear…the list continues.  Here is a checklist put together by My Baggage to use as a guide for what to bring with you to kick off your kid’s college education.  If you look at the whole list you’ll appreciate that there is a lot to take. How do you cram these securely into the car to take that drive into this new chapter in your son or daughter’s life?

Travall Guard – a first-year-at-college essential

Fortunately, there is a simple way to maximize every square inch of trunk space in the car you drive. Install a Travall Guard.  If you’ve got a lot to transport in the trunk of your car, chances are you’re not going to be able to leave the parcel shelf or tonneau cover in place.  This leaves the passengers in the main body of the car exposed to the hazards of sliding cargo. If you suddenly need to brake hard the hazard can be compounded by items flying through the car. Placing a vehicle-specific guard between the rear seats and the trunk of the car can prevent this.  It insures that even if you have to cram the trunk to the roof, the items stay there helping to shield the occupants of the vehicle from the hazards of loose luggage.

Installing the guard is easy and achievable in approximately 15 minutes.  You can leave the guard in place permanently or you can remove it in a couple of minutes for use at another time. Naturally, the guard is useful for taking your child’s belongings to college but there are many other situations when you have to fill the trunk with luggage or sporting equipment where the guard comes in handy.  The vehicle-specific design ensures a perfect fit in the car you drive.  There’ll be no annoying rattles no matter where you’re going either.

Where can I get a Travall Guard?

Finding the correct model of Travall Guard for the car you drive is also easy.  Simply use the vehicle selector on the Travall website. The relevant products will be shown depending on the make, model and production year of your vehicle, among other details.  

The journey to start the first year at college may be your first drive to college, but will be the first of many. A Travall Guard could be your new favorite car accessory and may soon make it to the top of that college checklist!