3 must-have accessories to make your new car even better

September has always represented a special month in the year for me.  It’s been a time of new starts – a new season, a new school year and sometimes… a new car.  With some great deals available this year in particular to those in the market for a new car, September offers a great opportunity to trade up to something that better fits your lifestyle needs.  If this is something you are considering, we highlight 3 accessories you’ll want to include in your new vehicle.

Travall Mats 

It may be cliched but there really is nothing like that new car smell.  To retain that new, fresh feel as long as possible it’s worth investing in good car mats to keep the footwells pristine.  For active families or those who enjoy a lot of outdoor activities Travall Mats Terrain Edition offer a great solution.  The vehicle-specific rubber mats offer full protection against dirt, spills and rain-soaked footwear. These all-weather mats are easy to clean, so you can retain that enjoyable new car aroma longer.

Travall CargoMat

Nothing ages a car more quickly than the appearance of an unsightly trunk interior. A dirty trunk can also detract from that new car smell too! Retain that new car scent and appearance with the addition of a vehicle-specific rubber trunk liner. The Travall CargoMat gives you that pristine look thanks to the fit which follows the contours of the trunk to perfection. 

Travall Guard

Whether you transport a dog in your car, carry outdoor gear or work equipment, the Travall Guard adds that ability to maximize every square inch of your trunk space.  It’s the ideal pet barrier, luggage barrier or cargo barrier as it offers that perfect, vehicle-specific fit avoiding those annoying rattles you get with universal guard versions. Better still there are no vehicle modifications required so you can install it easily and removal leaves no trace of a guard having been in place.

Embrace a new start today. Purchase that new car you’ve been dreaming about and add these 3 Travall products to really insure you enjoy the journey.