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Published by Andria E (October 12, 2017)

It’s something we’ve all been waiting for, Travall’s expanding its selection of US-specific accessories! In September one of our Design Engineers from our Research and Development team, traveled from Derby, England to Atlanta, Georgia to take 3D measurements of a selection of America’s top vehicle models. The makes and models currently under development for new Guards are:

CR-V 2017 –
Pilot 2015 –
Odyssey  2010- 2017

Compass 2017 –

CX-5 2017 –

Highlander 2013 –
4Runner 2009 –
Sienna 2010 –

Here at Travall, we are constantly adding to our available model lists and we aim to expand our US-specific accessories. You’ve asked for them, and we’ve listened! This trip is the first of many. For one thing, we need to do our Fit and Function tests in Georgia as the models aren’t available in England.

Keep an eye on our Travall Insights as we’ve got another (longer) list of vehicles that will be under development after these have moved into production!


For over 10 years Travall’s delivered world leading, vehicle-specific guards and dividers across the globe. Using a combination of innovation and engineering expertise our team has designed accessories for over 960 vehicle models worldwide. Travall’s high-quality products are designed for the way our customers live and specifically for the vehicles they drive.

Andria E

Andria is a Midwestern girl at heart, though she’s spent most of her life out West. Western Colorado to be precise. Since moving away, she’s really come to miss using the mountains as a guide when giving and getting directions! Her adventure partners are her husband and two dogs who love nothing more than to run. (The dogs love to run, not the husband.) She enjoys reading, hiking and is just getting into photography with her DSLR. You may see some of her photos making their way into her posts, you never know!

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