Deep cleaning the car: tips to help stay virus free in a global pandemic

Some of us are complete neat freaks about the cleanliness of our car’s interior and some of us… well, not so much.  I must admit that my own car often gets a decent cleaning on the outside, but a bit of rushed job on the interior.  Since the Covid-19 pandemic, my approach and attitude to car hygiene has changed.  It has been known for a long time that the steering wheel of a car tends to be more germ ridden than a public toilet seat.  So, in the midst of this global pandemic I’ve been taking extra measures to insure that I’m helping to reduce the spread of the virus by deep cleaning the car… very regularly.

Here are some of the things that I’ve been doing to try to reduce bacteria and viruses in my own car.  Before deep cleaning the car I’ve been wearing a face mask and gloves for some added personal protection. 

My initial focus has been on the areas that get the most use by the driver and passengers. So the steering wheel, gear stick, signalling levers, seatbelts, door handles, parking brake and stereo get the most attention. For these I’ve used disinfectant sprays on a daily basis.  On a weekly basis I’ve been wiping down the dash and cup holders with disinfectant and swiping the touchscreens with a microfiber cloth.  Air vents have also been tackled with the use of a brush

I’ve replaced the original car mats with vehicle-specific, all-weather rubber mats.  These are far easier to wipe down and clean than carpet mats. Warm soapy water works like a charm. The same is true in the trunk of the car and I’ve added a rubber trunk liner for an easy clean solution in case groceries or other items that I’m hauling aren’t as clean as they might be.

A pack of cleansing wipes has been added to the car, for use when I’m out running errands and want to give the steering wheel a wipe down. I’ve also added a bottle of hand sanitizer for times when I can’t easily access soap and water to wash my hands.

Lastly, it’s not just my car’s interior that has been benefiting from a deep clean. My car keys are now getting to have a daily wipe over too.

Protecting ourselves and others from this virus may require a lot of changes in our lives.  Deep cleaning the car regularly is certainly one change that could help, makes for a more pleasant journey, and is actually quite therapeutic – why not try it yourself?