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Published by Anne Bernard (July 13, 2017)

Hey there! Welcome to Travall. From our humble beginnings in the heart of England, we’ve grown from a mom-and-pop business to an international vehicle-specific accessories company.  Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen great success, including the addition of facilities in the US and Germany. Now car owners, and pet lovers, worldwide can install Travall accessories designed for their make and model vehicle including pet barriers and trunk dividers, trunk mats, rubber car mats, and more.

Travall blog copywriters pictured from left to right: Marzia (Travall Italy); Anne S (Travall Germany); Catherine (Travall US-Hispanic); Anne B (Travall US); Frazer (Travall UK); Sarah (Travall Germany); Andria (Travall US)

Providing good customer service is our priority and we know that life does not begin or end with your vehicle, but you do spend a lot of your time there. The Travall blog was launched to provide you with further resources like handy hacks, and tips and tricks to make life just that little bit easier. Add a dash of Travall product know-how and we’ve got a recipe for success.

You can expect to read about topics related to travel, life with dogs, life with kids, and a whole lot more as the Travall blog evolves. Between our 7 copywriters we are drivers, pet owners, outdoor enthusiasts, and parents just like you. We’ve been there for the mini-meltdowns, the flat tires, and the overstuffed cars.  We’re a multilingual, multicultural team, which allows us to be in tune with what you want and need, specific to where you live.

The US segment of the Travall blog is written by our trio of copywriters specializing in the US market. Andria and Anne have a homegrown knowledge of the US and write for English-speaking Americans, while Catherine’s Chilean background allows her to provide a Travall blog in Spanish focusing on our Hispanic customers.  Our Travall blog is your blog and we want you to be involved and fully engaged with what you are reading. We’re a friendly crew, so don’t be shy and contact us if there’s a topic you’d like us to tackle, or if you have comments about what you’ve read. Simply select the blog that best suits your language needs, or select both if you prefer, and join us as we explore life on the road and at home in its many shapes and forms.

We look forward to enjoying our journey together!

Anne Bernard

Anne is a copywriter for Travall who enjoys writing to help people navigate life more comfortably. In addition to her day job, she is mom to 2 amazing boys and loves to travel and hike with her family (spaniel included). Anne tries to experience the best of life’s journey – why not join her?

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