Travall Divider: why a trunk divider helps you conquer your lifestyle needs

You’ve installed a Travall Guard in your vehicle and have been enjoying all the features that it offers for transporting pets, transporting luggage and helping to shield passengers within the car itself.  Did you know that for many makes and models of vehicle Travall also offers a companion piece? This comes in the form of a vehicle-specific trunk divider, known as the Travall Divider.

What does a Travall Divider do?

Quite simply the Travall Divider allows you to divide your trunk into two separate compartments.  Some models of the divider offer a 50:50 split. For certain vehicles there is the option of dividing the trunk 60:40 either left or right in addition to the 50:50 option.

What is the Travall Divider made of?

The Travall Guard is known for its high quality, perfect fit and strength, So, of course, Travall wanted the companion accessory to be of an equally high calibre.  For this reason, just like the Travall Guard, the Travall Divider consists of a steel frame with a scratch-resistant coating.  Both the guard and the divider are extremely durable and will continue to look good even after extensive use.

How can you use the trunk divider?

The Travall Divider can only be used in conjunction with a Travall Guard.  It is simply not compatible with any other type of pet barrier or cargo barrier.

The Travall Divider for dog owners

Many people like to use the trunk divider when transporting dogs in the car.  It is perfect for separating two dogs that may not always play nicely together on a journey, or for protecting dogs from luggage that may shift when you turn a corner. It’s also pretty good for separating a hungry dog from your groceries.

The Travall Divider for an active lifestyle

Are you a golfer?  Place your golf clubs on one side of the trunk divider and have the rest of your gear on the other.  Snowboarders can easily place a board on one side of the trunk divider and their snow jackets, pants and accessories on the other. Gardeners enjoy protecting delicate plants from bulky bags of compost on the journey home from the nursery. Perhaps you like to camp.  Keep your wet tent separate from your dry gear on the journey home.

The Travall Divider for work

A vehicle-specific trunk divider is also excellent if you use your car for business.  If your work vehicle doubles as your personal car you’ll know how important it can be to keep work- and home-life separate.  Adding a Travall Divider gives just enough separation between the two and allows you to better organize your trunk space at the same time. Easily separate your work-related gear from your personal items.   

The Travall Divider for family life

If you’re a parent you already know that you often have to carry a lot of stuff around with you.  Adding a divider to the trunk of your vehicle means that the dirty wheels of your stroller or scooter won’t crush or spoil the  latest school art project or cupcakes for the birthday party.

There are currently Travall Dividers for more than 330 models of vehicle with more in development. Take a look at the Travall website to see whether there is a trunk divider suitable for the make, model and year of vehicle that you drive. Don’t see a divider for your vehicle? Select your vehicle via the website’s vehicle selector, select the divider option and send a request through the form on that page. The development team can then review all these requests for feasibility. For the very latest updates to the product range, why not follow Travall on social media?