Thanksgiving travel made easy thanks to Travall

For me the “most wonderful time of the year” starts right before Thanksgiving.  I get so excited in the preparations for Thanksgiving travel. I literally can’t wait to see the extended family and friends. Anticipating the delight when Aunt Barbara brings in her pies (pumpkin, of course, but also rhubarb for those family members that just prefer it), intrigued by what jokes Uncle Jim will tell this year and the simple joy of hanging out with the ones I hold most dear. If, like me and the roughly 48.5 million other Americans, you’ll be driving home for Thanksgiving, here’s a checklist to make sure the Thanksgiving travel goes as smoothly as the mashed potatoes side. 

Thanksgiving travel checklist

  1. Make sure your car is ready for a road trip. Does it need any maintenance before you leave?  Check the tires, the battery, the oil and your wiper fluid. Make sure you have a full tank of gas or that your electric vehicle is fully charged.
  2. Check your car has accessories that are fit for purpose.  All-weather rubber mats are great to keep your car’s interior cleaner on road trips in wet weather conditions and are particularly great when you have kids in the car. Travall offers a particularly good range that are super easy to clean.  If you’re bringing the dog a Travall Guard and Divider means you can pack your luggage one side of the trunk and Fido can comfortably sit on the other.
  3. Plan your route ahead of time.  A Sat Nav/GPS system is great, but it can really help if you plan ahead.  Check for potential road closures and areas that may be impassable in adverse weather conditions.
  4. Check the weather conditions.  If you’re going to be driving in ice or snow, follow these tips so you’re properly equipped.
  5. If you’re travelling with the kids, here are some suggestions to avoid sibling rivalry on the highway.

Wherever your Thanksgiving travel takes you, we wish you safe travels and hope you enjoy the journey.