Summer Travel for You and Your Dog

Published by Tyson G (July 4, 2019)

July 4, 2019

Happy 243rd birthday America!  Today, Americans will be celebrating nationwide with barbecues, fireworks, parades and more. We’ll be travelling to visit family and friends at beaches, parks, pools and destinations around the country.

AAA estimates that this summer more than 41 million of us will be travelling, thanks to lower gas prices, strong consumer spending and rising disposable incomes. The July 4th Holiday is also the traditional kickoff of summer travel. We’ll be loading families and pets into our cars for a quick weekend trip nearby or maybe even an extended family road trip for a longer holiday. What that in mind, here are some tips on ensuring a safe and fun trip with your four-legged friend.

Before you leave

  • Medication. Don’t forget to bring any and all prescriptions for you AND your dog.
  • Exercise. This goes without saying, but don’t forget a brisk walk/jog/hike before you leave. This gives your dog a chance to “eliminate” before jumping in your vehicle and will likely reduce any excess energy.
  • Snacks. Consider feeding your pooch a small treat with ginger or sugar. Studies have shown this will reduce nausea in your pup.

For the Road

  • Water. Bedding. Wipes. Poo bags, and toys! Consider a collapsible water bowl for your dog. It saves more space than you think.
  • Don’t forget a Travall Guard and/or Liner for your car. They will keep your dog secure and make cleanup quick if your dog has, er, an “accident”.

Plan for everything

  • Know your route and potential places to stop for a quick walk or pee-break for your dog.
  • Have a leash. You might be stopping unexpectedly in an unfamiliar area.You don’t want Fido chasing a squirrel!
  • Fireworks! July 4th is a traditional fireworks extravaganza, but on the East Coast they happen throughout the summer. Know where and when they might be happening!

Happy Fourth of July from all of us and “Enjoy the Journey”.

Tyson G

Tyson grew up in the New York area and moved to New England to be closer to Martha's Vineyard. While he isn’t tinkering with technology, media and marketing, he lives on the North Shore of Boston with his two boys, and, wait for it..his goldendoodle. Tyson loves the outdoors. He grew up as an over-active Boy Scout with multiple hikes and trips along the Appalachian Trail, so he isn’t far from a mountain, beach or hiking trail. With his furry companion Lucky...and a Travall Guard for his messy and adventurous puppy!

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