Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2019 | Gifts for Adventurous Men

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate all of the father figures in our lives, be that your dad, dog dad’s, grandfather’s, stepdad’s, godfathers, maybe even uncles. This year skip the generic Father’s Day present and get him something that a real dad wants, and something he will use! Here are some of our ideas for great Father’s Day gifts for all types of dads out there.

The gadget lover

Wireless earbuds are a great gift for tech lovers that enjoy getting new gadgets – we suggest either Apple Airpods or Jabra Elite 65t Completely Wireless Earbuds, depending on if they are an Apple guy or Android!

The gardener

Summer is in full swing, so there’s bound to be some yard work coming around. From transporting mulch, heavy rocks, and whatever else your garden might need this summer – the Travall Liner is a thoughtful gift to keep the trunk area clean during transport. 

The handyman

Do you have one of those amazing dads that finds something to fix every time they come around to visit? I bet they are using the same tape measurer that they have had since your childhood. Upgrade them to a digital tape measure so they can measure things by themselves without having to hold down one end! We suggest throwing in a magnetic wristband, they’re only about $10 and are convenient for holding screws etc., instead of having to go back to the toolbox or dig in their pocket every time! 

The dog dad

Does your dad love your dog? Or maybe you’re still in the dog children phase before the real thing happens. We suggest gifting them a Travall Guard – not only is it vehicle-specific for a perfect fit for any vehicle, but it reduces driving distractions by creating a secure place for pets to travel instead of jumping in his lap! Plus, when the time comes for human babies, it is useful for keeping the dog from stealing the baby’s cheerios!  

The grill masters

This one is a little expensive but well worth it – the Weber Smokey Mountain Barbeque Smoker. Not only will your dad absolutely love it, but you’ll get to enjoy lots of yummy smoked food for years to come!

The outdoor enthusiast

Does your dad love the outdoors? Does he go hiking, fishing, camping, or boating a lot? Whatever it is that he loves to do outside, the Travall Guard and Divider is the perfect set-up for any adventure lover. The Divider splits your trunk into two compartments, making it ideal for transporting fragile and heavy gear at the same time. Note that the Guard has to be installed for the Divider to work properly.

That car buff

If you grew up helping your dad change the oil, fixing up junkyard cars, and going to car shows, then he will certainly enjoy our Travall Protector and Travall SiIlguards. Just like our other products, we have used the same vehicle-specific formula on these products as well. They are designed to fit every groove and contour of their bumper and door sills to protect from any future damage and cover up existing damage.

Hopefully, one of these ideas is a winner for your dad, or they have sparked some ideas of what you should do. In our experience with real dads, gifts are great, but the best thing you can do is gift him your time. Spend the day with him doing what he loves to do, and we are sure he will have a fantastic Father’s Day!

To check for Travall products for your dad’s vehicle, head over to Travall.com. You’ll need the make, model, year, and the number of doors to find the correct product.