Dangers of a messy car

When most people look at a messy car they feel:

  • A need to clean
  • Annoyed
  • Apathetic

And many other feelings. But one thing most people don’t feel is unsafe. If you think about it, when your vehicle becomes a mobile living room/dining room where your kids entertain themselves on trips and eat snacks in the car or you have lunch on the go, stuff tends to accumulate.

Half-full water bottles, toys, clothing items, trash (it’s okay to admit that), books, and other random things all end up on the floor, in your footwells and in your cargo area. And when you’re busy, you don’t always have time to clean the car out every day. And all that stuff… sits.

Loose items become projectiles
Any item left in your car can become a projectile in the event of a sudden stop. We created this video for Child Passenger Safety Week in September 2017 and it shows exactly what we’re talking about.

This is where a Travall Guard can come in handy! When properly installed our Guard could help contain loose items in your trunk or cargo area away from your passengers.

Trash makes your car feel trashy
We’ve all done it, left a half-full drink bottle or sippy cup in the car. Not realizing the kiddos left their fruit snack wrappers on the floor. The apple slice that ends up under the seat only to be found mummified (or worse) during a deep clean. We’re human. The important thing to remember is that these things can be a health hazard, depending on what is left in the car. Opening an old sippy cup with milk that’s turned is not something anyone wants to experience more than once… I can still smell it if I think about it.

The possibility of theft
If you are one to leave items in your car like backpacks, toys, clothing, and other gear when you head into the house, you could be targeted by thieves. Leaving these things in your car when it’s parked in the garage at home is just fine, but if it’s in a parking lot or parked on the street you could be in for a break in. Always remember to put valuables in the trunk or hide them underneath a blanket in your cargo area to discourage theft.

Keeping your car looking great can be a bit of chore, but it’s worth it for the added safety and protection it will give you!