A Dog’s Favorite Car. (Part 1 of 7)

Published by Tyson Goodridge (July 30, 2019)

Sometimes it’s good to be a dog. 

70% of American households have a pet, and the average owner spends more than $1200 a year taking care of one. According to the American Pet Products Association, it’s a $75 billion a year industry.  We’re paying a lot more attention to our furry friends.

And car companies are taking notice. Have you seen Nissan’s Concept Car? It’s not available in the U.S. yet, but Nissan has obviously discovered this niche and is designing cars (and accesories) to pamper our pooches. This SUV comes with all the fixins’: An integrated slide-away ramp, a 360 degree dog shower, dog dryer, climate control, non-spill water dispenser, harness hooks, and even a two-way dog cam!

So, what makes a good car for a dog? Welcome to Part 1 of a 7 part series on a “Dog’s Favorite Car”. 

Today, we will discuss what dogs “look for” in a car. In Part 2, we’ll begin to narrow down the list  using data from Travall, Industry statistics, and what your favorite dog car is and why. (Get ready with photos!) We’ll then gather all this information, and announce our Top 5 cars.

What dogs look for in a car:

Space:  Of course they want room to spread out, but is it flat? Do spare tires/wheel well/equipment get in the way?

Height: Your dogs eventually won’t be able to hop in the passenger seat or the back tailgate/door forever. Lower is good.

Sightlines: Can you see them? Can they see you? What if you have a Travall Guard or other barrier and other seating configurations?

Cleaning: Leather, Fabric or other? Can you easily whisk away dirt and grime?

Climate: Does your dog get cold or warm easily? Some newer car models have air conditioning and heating vents for the waaaaaay back of the car or SUV.

So, what car/suv does your dog like? And why? We’d love to hear from you.

Photo credits: http://bit.ly/30YF6W4 and https://www.lookoutpro.com/en/2017-nissan-x-trail-4dogs-concept-5-2/ 

Tyson Goodridge

Tyson grew up in the New York area and moved to New England to be closer to Martha's Vineyard. While he isn’t tinkering with technology, media and marketing, he lives on the North Shore of Boston with his two boys, and, wait for it..his goldendoodle. Tyson loves the outdoors. He grew up as an over-active Boy Scout with multiple hikes and trips along the Appalachian Trail, so he isn’t far from a mountain, beach or hiking trail. With his furry companion Lucky...and a Travall Guard for his messy and adventurous puppy!

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