Show your dog you care

Valentine’s Day: 7 affordable ways to show your dog you care

Published by Anne B (February 10, 2020)

Just a quick reminder… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Dogs play an important role in our families and very often you want to spoil them and show your dog you care.  Did you know that in the US alone we spend around $75 billion on our pets? You don’t have to show lavish displays of affection or spend a lot to make your dog feel loved. Sometimes it is the simpler things that mean the most, as we demonstrate with 7 ways to show your dog you care this Valentine’s Day.

Ideas to show your dog you care

Give your dog a delicious treat that not only tastes good but is good for him too.  Why not bake your own treats using your favorite dog biscuit recipe? Good Housekeeping has some really yummy looking options in this link. Or, if your dog has health or dental issues,  talk to your veterinarian about the best treat options for your dog.

Brush your dog’s teeth to keep them healthier longer and to avoid the pain of tooth decay.

Make daily walks even more fun by doing something different.  Take a different route, add in some ball play, or visit with other dog friends. Maybe do all three – your dog will be over the moon.

Add a comfortable layer in your car’s trunk so that your dog has a more pleasant ride.  This is easily achieved with a Travall CargoMat (previously called Travall Liner) providing protection for your trunk’s interior at the same time.

Make sure all vaccinations are up to date, flea and worming treatments are done regularly and that your dog has had a recent health check. This really is an essential way to show your dog you care.

Take a vacation that is pet friendly so your dog can join in the fun. More and more travel companies realize that time is precious and that many people want to spend their well-earned vacation with those who are precious to them.  For this reason many hotels now allow pets to stay. Why not see what vacation options would be suitable for you and your pup?

Spend time hanging out with your dog. It’s one of the things he’ll love the most and is good for reducing your stress levels too.

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