Travall’s Rescues: Rex

Published by Andria E (October 28, 2017)

The final woof in our Travall’s Rescues series is Rex. His doggy sibling is Logan, who we’ve already seen earlier this month! His hu-dad Andrew is our Online Sales Executive. With two rescues in his family, they’ve got a lot of love to give!

There’s nothing better than a photo of a dog and his person.

Name: Rex

Nicknames: Brown dog, Loonytunes

What’s your mix?
Rex is a sprocker spaniel, cocker and springer mix

Dinner, treats, walks, going to bed, wearing his collar, sniffing, running, playing with toys, barking, going outside, looking out of the window, stealing things, chewing, and cuddles

Dog training, being told off

What’s your favorite treat?
Rex likes to eat everything

Do you have any hidden talents?
Being able to sit on the back of the settee like a cat.

Fascinating facts about Rex:
He’s a rescue dog who, at 18 months old, had never had any training. He only knew his name. He’s come a long way now. He likes to wake up early and get the whole family out of bed, he has been known to pull the duvet off his parents.

Andria E

Andria is a Midwestern girl at heart, though she’s spent most of her life out West. Western Colorado to be precise. Since moving away, she’s really come to miss using the mountains as a guide when giving and getting directions! Her adventure partners are her husband and two dogs who love nothing more than to run. (The dogs love to run, not the husband.) She enjoys reading, hiking and is just getting into photography with her DSLR. You may see some of her photos making their way into her posts, you never know!

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