It’s time to break out the leashes!

January is “Walk Your Pet Month,” so get those coats on, clip that leash and walk your dog! (Oh, and remember to bring your poo bags!)

While writing this I was reminded of something Sarah Millican, one of my favorite comics, said in an interview. She doesn’t simply “walk her dog”, she “empties” him! As in, “I’m off to empty the dog.” I don’t know about you guys, but that’s definitely what happens on our walks! I’m also stealing that phrase for myself. If you’re reading this Sarah, you rock!

I’ve been asking myself, “Why in the world is ‘Walk Your Pet Month’ in January?” The weather is miserable, for you and the dog. The days are shorter, so any walks would often be in the dark. And then it hit me. January is when everyone starts their New Year’s Resolutions, and walking your dog is one that fits perfectly into the common “exercise more/lose weight” category. So it does make sense.

I also remembered that the dogs don’t care about the weather, not really. Oh, some of them hate rain and refuse to go outside in it. But my two (sighthounds that hate rain), often refuse to go out the back door, then they come running if I mention a walk. As if the weather is any different out the front door! Silly dogs. They still don’t like that it’s raining and appreciate having their coats, but they don’t want to go home until they’ve had enough and we all end up soaked.

Neither do they give a hoot about it being dark. They’ve got good eyes, but they’d so much rather sniff things than see things. You probably would too if your sniffer was as strong as theirs. Our walks are half stands on my part! Walk a little ways, stop and sniff. Walk a little ways, stop and sniff. It’s the never-ending cycle, but they seem to enjoy it.

It may get dark early, but your dog doesn’t mind! Get them outside on a walk. Photo courtesy of Pexels on Pixabay.

So, I suppose “Walk Your Pet Month” being in January still isn’t a terrible thing, but I think we would all be more inclined to go on longer walks if it was in June! Well, it’s probably about the time for me to “empty the dogs.”