It’s all about the love: Subaru

You own a Subaru because you LOVE your Subaru. It’s as simple as that. It helps that Subaru’s are considered one of the safest manufacturers on the road. The standard all-wheel drive on all but one model doesn’t hurt either. Now I’ve not had a chance to own one myself, but I know many people who do and they swear by them! So I wanted to find out more!

7 interesting facts about Subaru

  • Subaru (meaning united) is the Japanese name given to a star cluster located within the constellation of Taurus. The cluster, called the Pleiades or 7 Sisters, is one of the nearest star clusters to earth and THE most visible to the naked eye! It’s also part of the Taurus constellation.
  • The name Subaru was chosen because 5 different companies united in 1953 to form Fuji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru. Today it’s called the Subaru Corporation.
  • Safety is a top priority. 6 out of 7 Subaru models earned Safety Pick or Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for 2018. (Sorry BRZ, maybe next year?)
  • Subaru is all about the love. And what does Subaru love? A whole lot! Pets, the earth, learning, helping and they love to care. When you support Subaru you aren’t just getting something for yourself you’re also helping to make the world a better place through the good works they do.
  • Subaru partnered with anime giant Gainax (of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame) to create a 4-part “magical girl” anime series called Hōkago no Pureadesu (After-School Pleiades) called Wish Upon the Pleiades in English. Gainax went on to do a full 12-part series.
  • The Subaru WRX is the most ticketed car in America! At least, by percentage of owners who have been ticketed in the 3 years prior, that’s 33.6%. Dang.
  • Malcolm Bricklin, first US importer of the Yugo, worked with his partner Harvey Lamm to bring Subaru to the US in the 1960s through Subaru of America.

Do you know any other interesting tidbits that I’ve missed? I’m sure there are a ton! I’m still amused by the magical girl anime, I had absolutely no idea! Let me know if I missed something on Twitter or Facebook! I’ll be happy to add it to my list and give you all the credit!

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