A little something in the post

I don’t know about you, but I definitely appreciate getting more than just bills in the post… And postcards are probably one of my favorite things. Those little cards with handwritten messages and an image of wherever my friends have been are such a small but fun thing. I’ve never understood why they’ve fallen out of fashion. Okay, that’s stretching the truth. With email, Facebook and other social media, postcards aren’t exactly needed, but they can show someone you’re thinking about them in such a tangible way.

It happens to be International Postcard week this week, October 1-7, and it’s the perfect time to send someone you care about a postcard! One of my best friends and I have a tradition of sending each other postcards from the places we’re visiting. I’ve got a stack of them all in my office at home and they never cease to make me smile. Postcards are generally inexpensive, cheap to post (within the US anyway), and usually delivered before you get back from your trip. (It does depend on where you’re sending it from!) Why aren’t you sending any?

I’m guessing you’ll say, “It takes effort.” This is true. It does take a little bit of effort on your part. Finding a postcard, getting that 34 cent stamp (correct as of the date of this post), writing on it and putting your friends address on the card. It does take a bit of time. But do you know how much people love getting postcards? I do because I send them!

You could even use postcards as a way to remember your trip. If you write a short vacation memory on each postcard and pop it in the mailbox (or take it home with you), you could create a memory book! I haven’t actually done this yet, it’s something I’ll have to start doing. Photos are always great, but a customized souvenir adds a little something extra.

And one quick tip. Send the kiddos in your life a postcard! They’ll think it’s the coolest thing. My nephews, 4 years and 8 years, loved the pixel art robot one I sent them the other day.